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someone stole my bike off our porch today at sometime between 6:30 PM and 10:15 PM. It was locked, and four people were at home. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?! I am so pissed/sad/pissed right now.

If anyone sees a dark (midnight blue) GT Arrette hybrid with a Diamondback cut-away seat, please let me know.

happier days. not a good reference picture for the bike, though.
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come check this out.

fun times!
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hm. how did i miss a story about the US sending TONS of CASH (LITERALLY) to Iraq? I don't have a tv but it sure wasn't on the radio.

link:is this for fucking real?!

to anyone who's still alive in Iraq, get out your shovel and start diggin' in.

also, how come the Democrats, who are now saying we need to get out of Iraq, sound so false and hollow? it's easy to hound the President once you realize that war is unpopular with the people who usually vote for you.


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you are vain and nervous. i am unkempt and sluggish. but we fit together so well.
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i long to put my hand in the river.
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